Atlantis Rail Systems - Spectrum Series (Hardwood Top Rail)

Spectrum Stainless with Hardwood Top Rail

Complete Your Dream Home

The Spectrum System is an easy to use, universal cable guard railing product. It utilizes fascia mounted or surface mounted square posts and cable infill options of HandiSwage™ studs. It is designed for use with a customer supplied hard wood top railing. Universal posts are used for corners, ends and mids, allowing for a truly off-the-shelf guard rail solution. Choose from the stock colors of black or metallic silver or the special colors.


Straight Sections

The Spectrum System is offered in post heights of 36" or 42” for straight sections.  It consists of square posts fascia mounted, customer supplied top rail and 12 to 14 runs of cable.

Stair Sections

Rail height for stair sections is available in 36” or 42".
Note: Railing heights are offered in these dimensions due to nationwide building codes.

Between Posts Length

Atlantis Rail recommends staying within 4' section lengths to maintain structural integrity.

Railing Finish

The Spectrum System is offered in standard and special order colors to fit any application.

Cable Infill

The HandiSwage™ cable infill option features a line of stainless steel hand swage fittings and 1/8” or 5/32” cable.

Cable Spacing

Cable spacing varies depending on post kit model. Consult installation instructions for complete details.

Cable rail isn't just for exterior use. The cable infill offers a choice between using 1/8” or 5/32” cable with HandiSwage™ Studs. Choose from two standard colors, uncoated and four special colors.